Hellingly Hospital - The East Sussex Mental Institution.

Hellingly Hospital - The East Sussex Mental Institution.
Hellingly, a Victorian hospital on a grand scale. Conceived in 1897, with landscaped surroundings high on a hill with therapeutic views across the countryside. An enclosed community, providing for itself...patients and staff lives exisiting in familiar corridors and buildings.
Closed down in the eary 1990's and left decaying ever since.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Percy Cook - D.O.B 1895

Could anyone who has worked in Hellingly help me to trace details of an uncle of mine who was a patient. His name was Percy Cook d.o.b 1895 and it is believed that his death was between 1953 - 1955. I am unsure of the year that he would have been placed at Hellingly.

I would also like to know where he was buried and are there burial grounds within Hellingly institution, or does anyone know which record offices I would have to contact to obtain the information.

My thanks to anyone who can help in this matter.
Thank you


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  1. There are no burial grounds on the site that I know of, its possible that he was buried at Hellingly church not fair from the Primary school in Hellingly. Sorry this is all I know, hope it helps in some way!