Hellingly Hospital - The East Sussex Mental Institution.

Hellingly Hospital - The East Sussex Mental Institution.
Hellingly, a Victorian hospital on a grand scale. Conceived in 1897, with landscaped surroundings high on a hill with therapeutic views across the countryside. An enclosed community, providing for itself...patients and staff lives exisiting in familiar corridors and buildings.
Closed down in the eary 1990's and left decaying ever since.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Hellingly during WW2

"Just saw your WEB site , brilliant!
A few things come to mind though , throughout both world wars the site played an important role in treating the wounded with Canadian Troops in WW2 being sent to Park House the smaller complex . Interestingly a large secret ammo dump was built in the woods around the grounds for Saboteurs in case of an invasion in 1939. My uncle as a lad found the dump but was too scared to say anything at the time . The dump was blown up by sappers after the war but a huge crater is still present .

In the Engine shed you will find the only remants of track from the light -railway which once went all the way to Hellingly station."

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