Hellingly Hospital - The East Sussex Mental Institution.

Hellingly Hospital - The East Sussex Mental Institution.
Hellingly, a Victorian hospital on a grand scale. Conceived in 1897, with landscaped surroundings high on a hill with therapeutic views across the countryside. An enclosed community, providing for itself...patients and staff lives exisiting in familiar corridors and buildings.
Closed down in the eary 1990's and left decaying ever since.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Alarmed as an infant!

I live locally to Hellingly Hospital and have always found it completely fascinating. As a child in the seventies and early eighties I was a pupil at Hellingly Primary School. Several of my friends were children of doctors and nurses who worked at the hospital and I remember attending birthday parties up there in their hospital accommodation. I always remember peering around a curtain at one end of the house to find a window looking straight down a corridor actually into the hospital and being rather alarmed as an infant! Also we played amongst some large conifers in a pebbly area.

From the school we occasionally sang for the patients in the Hellingly Hospital Social club and I remember feeling a bit scared when we went up there. Patients could often be seen walking down the old railway line and the surrounding area and I always remember a friend's neighbour coming across a patient who had hung himself from an ash tree near the Golden Martlet.

I also attended the local Sunday School and was in the grounds with Mr Rose who ran it then, and a gentleman, who I remember being certain was from the hospital, made converstaion with us. I remember he wanted me to show him around the churchyard but Mr Rose said I had to stay put.

I was very interested to hear the tales of high profile celebrities being brought to the hospital via the link railway under the cover of darkness. I Would be intrigued to know more about that!


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